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The Velvet Cloak Inn

1505 Hillsborough St

Raleigh, NC 27605

888 828 0335


The Velvet Cloak Villas

Combining the convenience of a hotel with the caché of a great address, The Velvet Cloak Villas offer what every in-demand person craves in a home away from home:

  • Fabulous location.

  • Excellent quality.

  • Lovely surroundings.

  • Impeccable service.

  • Gated Community.

The Velvet Cloak Villas are perfect for regular travelers to Raleigh, such as NCSU alumni, legislators, lobbyists, sports fans, cultural aficionados and businesspeople.

Located downtown, The Villas are condominiums transformed from the plush Hotel rooms of one of the area’s finest Inns.

Villa owners are welcome to decorate rooms as they please or leave them as hotel suites. When not in use by the owner, unaltered rooms can be leased back to the hotel in exchange for a percentage of the room's revenues.

Boasting some of the best views of Raleigh, The Velvet Cloak Villas beckon to elite visitors from across the state and around the region. Suites come in a variety of sizes from large studios to 2,400 square foot apartments.

Interested in touring or purchasing a Velvet Cloak Villa? Contact our Sales Office.